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Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is an essential part of the process. Once a tattoo session is finished, that piece of art is your responsibility to keep looking as shiny and new as the day you got it! At MY Ink Tattoo Studio, we want to make the aftercare plan as easy for you as we can, so enjoy this simple walk-through!

(Estimated tattoo healing time is 3-6 weeks)

Best tattoo shop studio Toronto. Tattoo aftercare step by step tattoo care guide MY Ink Tattoo Studio Toronto

The First Day...

After leaving the shop your tattoo will be all wrapped up and kept protected. You will be free to go about your day as normal but it's recommended that you avoid intense physical activity and swimming, and when showering avoid soaking the bandages. You may notice liquid, blood, and plasma buildup under your bandage but don't be alarmed, this is completely normal. You will feel a sensation similar to a cut scabbing over so it's best to avoid itching!

After 24 Hours...

We recommend keeping the original bandage on. The tattoo may appear like it is oozing ink, blood, or a thick, sticky substance. This is perfectly normal and may require you to squeeze the liquid out from the side of the bandage, or create a tiny pinhole to drain the liquid from the bandage. Avoid removing the bandage as it protects the open skin from bacteria, sunlight and rubbing against your clothing and will protect your tattoo from fading.

Tattoo aftercare guide. Toronto's best tattoo shop studio MY Ink Tattoo Studio
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After a Week...

It's now safe to remove your bandage unless otherwise instructed by your tattoo artist. Your skin should begin to dry and scab; this can look like flaking or lifted skin and is completely normal. Use a non-alcohol soap and gently wash the tattoo with your fingers. Do not over-moisturize the area too early in the healing process. Use as needed and be careful not to overdo it! There are tons of great brands of moisturizer for tattoos out there; ask your artist what they suggest.

Touch-Up Policy

Touch-up fees range from $20.00 to full rates depending on the size, placement, and what contributed to the loss of ink, which is at the discretion of the tattoo artist. 


Touch-ups must be done within a reasonable timeframe after healing. After 6 months have elapsed since your last session, any further appointments will be considered a new tattoo and will not be eligible for touch-up pricing.

Touch-Up Policy

Choosing Your Tattoo Placement

Important information before choosing your tattoo placement:

We accept bookings for hand, finger, foot, neck, face, and lip tattoos on a case-by-case basis.

However, every person who considers getting any of these tattoos should know:

The tattoo may fade away or disappear entirely in a very short time period — weeks, possibly days.
The tattoo would need a lot of touch-up sessions to maintain.
The touch-up sessions are not complimentary. You would have to pay for touch-ups every time.


It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT get tattoos in any locations mentioned above!

Please consider discussing changes in placement with one of our artists.

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