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MY Ink
Tattoo School

MY Ink Tattoo School is proud to offer a progressive and inclusive environment where students can learn the knowledge and practical skills necessary to begin a profession in the tattoo industry. Our program is hands-on and taught inside a real tattoo shop, so students get an authentic tattooing experience. The welcome package includes everything needed to start tattooing and our small class sizes will guarantee you receive the attention and support you need to succeed.

Tattoo School

Do you want to be a tattoo artist?

We're looking to connect with people who want to learn and share in the joy of tattooing. MY Ink Tattoo School welcomes everyone, from the meekly curious to the aspiring artist or amateur tattooist. Whether you're simply looking to experience a new artform, start yourself down the path of a new career, or learn from experts and expand your portfolio, we have the ideal program for you. You'll gain experience in art fundamentals, tattoo theory, health and sanitation requirements, tattoo techniques, design creation, as well as practical experience tattooing on fake skin and finally tattooing a client. The best graduates from the program may earn an opportunity to work in our studio.

Learn from Experts

Learn from experts in tattooing and visual arts. Our program is created and taught by active professionals who operate under the newest and highest industry standards. Gain insider knowledge and come out with everything you need to start earning money as a tattoo artist. Our program has limited space so don't delay; your dream career in body art awaits.


Tattoo Fundamentals - Theory & Skills

Cost - $2,500 + HST

Join the Toronto tattoo community with our 1-month Tattoo Fundamentals program. Classes run every weekend with exam dates set depending on student and client availability. Program is limited to 10 students.

Next program begins: July 15, 2024.

Enrollment deadline: July 7, 2024.

Every student will receive a welcome package including:

  • new wireless tattoo machine*

  • protective machine case*

  • non-porous tattoo apron*

  • box of tattoo cartridges

  • 2oz tattoo ink

  • unlimited medical supplies

  • pack of fake skins

  • notebook and pen

  • art supplies

*may be purchased after completing the program


Week 1 

Health and Sanitation

  • Public Health expectations

  • Blood borne pathogens

  • Medical supplies used during tattooing

  • Preventing cross-contamination

  • Tattoo station prep

  • Cleanup

Art Fundamentals

  • Art theory

  • Drawing live models

  • Perspective

  • Lighting and shadows

Tattoo Designs

  • Quick design creation

  • Designing for clients

  • Printing a tattoo stencil

  • Applying tattoo stencils

Week 2

Tattoo Theory

  • Terminology

  • History of tattooing

  • Types of tattoo machines

  • How to use a tattoo machine

  • Components of needle cartridges

  • Different types of needles and cartridges

  • Tattoo inks and composition

  • Mixing inks

  • Proper needle depth

  • The layers of skin

  • Common tattoo problems

Fake Skin Linework Practice

Week 3

Advanced Tattoo Theory

  • Shading techniques

  • Colour packing

  • Colour blending

  • How tattoos age and why

  • Tattoo aftercare and healing

  • Client consultations

  • Tattoo placements

 Fake Skin Shading & Colour Practice

Week 4

How to Develop a Portfolio

  • ​Social media

  • Importance of good photography

Fake Skin Practice

One-on-one Reviews

Exam: Tattoo a Client

  • Clients will be provided unless the student prefers their own

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