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Much has changed in our lives since the pandemic began. Some of what we loved has been lost. Art and culture have served as the sacrificial lamb while human interactions and celebrations became luxuries we could not afford. But for many, these things are essential to life, if not the purpose of life itself. The creators of MY Ink Tattoo Studio have not forgotten the importance of art and culture and the interactions and celebrations that come with them. We are thrilled to finally have the opportunity to bring more of it to the lives around us.

Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, in life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art.

- Neil Gaiman


Toronto offers a unique experience to artists which serves as the perfect setting for our vision. It is the nucleus for the greatest diversity of art and culture found on the planet. It has been our dream to explore the journies and stories of the people who inhabit this great city, to help them transform those stories into a living art piece. We strive to understand the journies that led you here and the stories along the way, for it is you that we seek to inspire and to have that inspiration guide the creative process. If you' want a tattoo but are unsure of what design you want, let us help you find the inspiration. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and we cannot wait to hear yours.

Misty Mountains

To us, tattoos are more than just ink and needles. Tattoos are a collaboration between the artist and you. This is why we believe tattooing is the greatest job in the world. It lets us connect on profound levels with so many amazing individuals. There is so much that art can do for our lives. Art is the universal language we all speak. More can be said in a picture than any written word could ever express. We want to help you capture the exact meaning and purpose you wish to express with your new tattoo so that it may echo outwards to those who see it. 

Our artists share in our passion for creating and celebrating art. It is for these reasons that we are only happy when providing you with the best possible experience we can. We are certain that you will love our spacious and modern studio featuring state-of-the-art electronic, adjustable beds to maximize your comfort and improve our artist's performance, floor to ceiling LED mirrors so you can view your tattoo in confidence, and an outdoor terrace when you need a break and fresh air. We are excited at the opportunity to connect with you and help you create your own piece of art that is truly you.



The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

- Aristotle

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Mengni Yang

Owner & Tattoo Artist

Mengni Yang is an international tattoo artist that has owned and operated in tattoo shops in 6 countries across the globe. She has competed and won awards in various international tattoo conventions during her 15-year career. She has a passion for art that is not limited to tattooing, which includes animation, graphic design, illustration, videography, lighting, compositing, and a VFX degree. She is excited to make the great city of Toronto her home and the location for her next vision, MY Ink Tattoo Studio.

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 The Artists  

1The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed 


Brian Daka

Tattoo Artist

Brian started tattooing in 2020. He prefers black work and line tattoos but is flexible towards any style. Brian's favourite part of tattooing is the collaboration with a client to develop a design. Brian has an interest in graphic design and has done a variety of pop artwork using ink pens as well as graffiti. Some artists that inspire him include graffiti artist Tender J and muralist Tristan Eaton. 



Tattoo Artist

Valaeth is a tattoo artist working out of Toronto who specializes in dark trash realism. He started his tattoo journey in 2019, but art, in all various forms, has always been a part of his existence. He draws inspiration from literature, philosophy, pop culture and an embrace of darkness in beauty. His favourite subject to tattoo is portraits - the history behind faces and eyes speaks far more than anything else can. Even tattooing the same face twice is never the same; an expression, emotion, thought create certain moments in time, translated in ways that cannot be replicated.


Sharon Tan

Tattoo Artist

Sharon Tan is a fine-line tattoo artist that studied illustration. She is a former apprentice of MY Ink Tattoo Studio. Becoming a tattoo artist is something she always knew she wanted to do since falling in love with tattoos at an early age. Her favourite part of the job is definitely the smiles and happiness that a tattoo can bring to a client after it's done.


Lynita Coetzer


Lynita has been piercing for over 10 years and in that time has become certified in over 30 unique piercing placements. MY Ink is proud to not only offer a wide variety of piercings but also an exceptional level of expertise to ensure that when you leave our studio, your piercing will feel as amazing as you look. Check out our piercing page to find out more.


Farhaad Khan

Tattoo Artist

Khan is a tattoo artist that specializes in comic/anime style whilst still being versatile in a variety of other styles. He has always been into art and drawing growing up but quickly fell in love with the art form when he got his first tattoo. Come in and ask him what his favourite anime is!